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Do you remember the funeral of Princess Diane? Do you remember the casket being processed down the streets of England and making its way past the queen, who stood in mourning for her estranged daughter-in-law? It was no secret that there were tensions in the royal family since the divorce of Charles and Diane and everyone was speculating as to what type of response the queen of England would have towards the people’s princess. And as the casket made its way through the streets, commentators were stunned as the queen in reverence for the princess bowed her head. She stooped a sign of inferiority, of humility, and of honour. You see a queen is only bowed to; the greater is revered by the lesser. You see everyone knows that what royalty bows to it honours and esteems and we are children of God, we have no reason to bow to the pressure and threats of this world. We will not honour them in that way. We are children of the great King, we bow only to Him. We will abide in Him because God is our father.

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