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Sam Ducanannan was a simple man with very few talents, but he had a great desire to do something for the Lord. So he made it his practice to cut out pictures from cards and magazines and to paste onto these pictures appropriate verses and poems. He would then give them as simple gifts to those whom he felt would be blessed by them.

One day, Sam came across a picture of Niagra Falls, but for a long time he could not find and appropriate poem for this picture. Then he heard a hymn and the moment he heard it, he knew he had found the poem for which he had looked so long.

Have you on the Lord believed? Still there more to follow.

Of His grace have you received? Still, there's more to follow.

Oh, the grace the Father shows, still there's more to follow.

Freely He His grace bestows, still there’s more to follow.

More and more and more and more, always more to follow;

Oh, the matchless, boundless love, still...

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