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The first "customer" of the day came into heaven’s gates & St.Peter met him. "Where’s Jesus" I just want to praise Jesus!" Peter greeted him, " That’s great but first you must take a test." The newby proclaimed, "Anything, just to see Jesus." "Ok, said Pete, " Spell God". " g - o- d, no Capital G - o- d!", the newby said proudly. St. Peter escorted him into the pearly gates. A second believer entered the test room. she said," O, I cannot wait to bow at the feet of My Lord!’ St Peter said, "That’s a fine attitude but first you must take a test. Spell God." Quickly the believer answered, "Capital G, Capital O, Capital D." St. Peter smiled as he escorted her into the gates but he caught the sound of a ruckus in the test room entrance.

"What’s going on out there?", Peter asked a subordinate angel. "O, some person complaining." "Bring them in", Peter said with consternation on his face.

In rushed a man livid with anger. "What kind of place is this? I thought this was heaven & everything was created for me. I had to stand in line at Food Lion & at Wal-mart & at McDonalds and I sure didn’t expect to have to wait here. Don’t you have a better organization than this?"

Calmly, St.Peter replied, " Well sir, we do have an orderly way of bringing believers in. First you must take a test."

"What a crock, OK, gimme your test & let’s get this over with!" St. Peter slowly spoke, "Spell Czechoslovakia!!"

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