3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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I was visiting my home town in Romania when one of my neighbors died. I was attending the visitation. Usually the family and relatives are taking care of the funeral – the body stays in the living room of the house for three days, until the burial. But if they live in a condo or blockhouse, they have to move the body to the Greek-Orthodox cemetery where at the entrance is a building kind of little church. They watch the body 24/7 over there until the burial. So I went there. The guy died in a car wreck and it was so bad crushed that they close the casket. A heavy oak casket sealed. It was could, but the room window was wide open. They leave the window open or at least cracked for 3 days, while the dead still in there before the burial. Not for ventilation but guess for what? So that the soul can escape, can find the way out to heaven… Now don’t ask me how the soul gets trough 2 inches tick solid oak casket and not trough the window… I don’t know…Pagan superstitions/traditions…

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