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Between 1983 and 2003, so many Christians were killed in the Sudanese Civil War that a whole community of orphaned children arose who have become known as the Lost Boys of Sudan. Lopez Lomong was one of those boys. At six years old, he was kidnapped from his parents at gunpoint while attending church. He was to be trained as a soldier and lived in a prison for three weeks, eating a mixture of sorghum and sand.

He escaped with three teenage boys and trekked three days to the Kenya border. His friends were sent to the Sudanese officials because of their age, but Lopez was taken to Kaluma Refugee Camp where he lived ten years. He learned to write using his finger in the desert sand and daily ran the 30 Kilometer perimeter of the camp.

After writing an essay, he was chosen as one of 3,500 Lost Boys to come to the US, where he was adopted by Robert and Barbara Rogers from Tully, New York. A whole new education began: how to flush a toilet, the difference between the two knobs in the shower, how to turn off the light so he could sleep in the dark.

Rogers struggled against many difficulties to run 1,500 meters in Bejing. David too struggled. His solution is in asking God for light: encouragement for his heart, physical healing, or wisdom for decision making.

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