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An Inconvenient Truth is an Academy Award-winning documentary film about climate change, specifically “global warming” and a future ice age in Northern Europe, presented by former United States Vice President Al Gore.

“I’m excited about the documentary’s release on DVD,” said former Vice President Al Gore. “The DVD is a vital way for us to continue the conversation about global warming with even more Americans. As more and more people understand what’s at stake, they become a part of the solution, and share both in the challenges and opportunities presented by the climate crisis.”

So, apparently our former Vice President thinks of himself as an evangelist of sorts for the cause of this “inconvenient truth” of “global warming” and wishes us to buy his book and DVD to spread the news of how to escape this and the future calamity it will cause.

Many people think that Mr. Gore’s “inconvenient truth” is more of a “convenient fiction” to make money and keep him in the public’s eye, but that discussion is for another time and place.

In this column, we will discuss the REAL Inconvenient Truth that every person alive today must deal with. In John 14: 6, Jesus says, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.”

You must not die without being “in Christ.” This seems dreadfully inconvenient to many people. Are you one of them? Do you feel Jesus to be grossly unfair to say salvation from eternal damnation comes only by Him?

What Jesus spoke while living on the earth was true then, is true now and will always be true. God never changes. Every time Jesus spoke something he wanted his listeners (and us as readers of his Word) to really pay special attention to, he would preface it with “I tell you the truth…” (NIV) or “Verily I say unto you…” (KJV) and “Assuredly, I say to you…” (NKJV) Note especially, John 3:3, he prefaces the statement to come with “Verily, verily…” (KJV) or “Truly, truly…” (ESV), He doubles up what is to come for emphasis meaning what you’re about to hear is TRULY TRUE – so pay attention!! Then Jesus says in order to enter the kingdom of heaven,

“You must be born again.”

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