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The famed preacher of the 19th Century, Charles Spurgeon, used to tell of a road which had been cut in red marble. It was so smoothly polished that, even when it was free of its usual thin coating of snow, it was dangerous in the extreme. Even though steps were hewn and rough marks made across the granite, he would be foolhardy who should try to ride along the slippery way, which is called Helle Parte (Hell Place) for reasons which glisten on the surface. There was a sign at this place which read, “Dismount,” and none were slow to obey it.

There are many such Hell Places on our pilgrimage through this life-–smooth places of pleasure, ease, flattery, self-content, and the like. It will be the wisest course, if any pilgrim has been fond of riding the high horse, for him to dismount at once and walk humbly with his God.

(Source: Charles Spurgeon, from a sermon by Chris Surber, "A Pilgrim’s Marker" 7/16/08)

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