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Ever-flowing Stream of Grace

(Gives Strength)

Gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak: Isaiah 40:31 says, "But those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength."

"Wait on the Lord" (qawah) is one word, an active verb in the original Hebrew writings, and is the foundational truth to enjoying God's supernatural strengthening, which enables Christians to run the race, raise up like eagles, walk and not faint. To wait here is not inactivity or absence of physical exertion. It merely means hope in God as you do what He calls you to do and be willing to wait on Him for the results and directions to move on. The root word for the phrase "wait upon the Lord" has a "meaning of that twisting or winding a strand of cord or rope." A rope that is made by taking two or three strands twisted and wound together is a strong rope you can take hold of, and as you hold on, it will be strong enough to put you on your feet and/or keep you from falling. The application here is that you have a God who is fully able to keep you strong at all times. He will keep you from fainting from your callings if you hold onto His promises and obey His commands. Whatever it is that the Lord is calling you to be in Him or do with Him, He will give you the strength to accomplish what He has ordained you to do.

"Gain new" (halap) means to revive or to cause to flourish again. It is that tree that has decayed and is about to fall down but having been spoken back to life once again, it buds and produces fruit.

In June of 1994 I had the privilege of hearing Evangelist Billy Graham speak. It was the night before he was to leave for Mayo Clinic. He was weak and had to be helped up on the platform. When he made his way to the pulpit you could see him experiencing a "gained strength." He stood strong and spoke boldly and delivered the Lord's message in a strength that came from the Holy Spirit. It was impossible for him to faint from his calling.

There is a special enabling from God to those who put their trust in the Lord and obedient Christians enjoy the "Ever-flowing Grace of God."

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