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A 2002 survey by the Barna Group found that adults, by a 3-to-1 margin believe that truth is relative to each individual person and his or her circumstances as opposed to the concept of absolute truth. And frankly, that isn’t all that surprising. But what is really disturbing is that among those who call themselves born-again Christians, only about one-third believe in absolute truth. And among our teenagers, it is even worse. Only 9% of born-again teenagers believe in absolute truth.

A 2004 Barna survey may give us some insight into why this has happened. In that survey, just half of all Protestant Senior Pastors (51%) met the criteria for having a biblical worldview.

• God is the all-knowing and all-powerful creator of the universe who still rules it today;

• Jesus Christ never sinned

• Satan is real

• Salvation is received through faith in Christ, not by good deeds

• Every follower of Christ has a responsibility to share their faith with non-believers

• The Bible is accurate in all that it teaches

• Absolute moral truth exists

• Absolute moral truth is described in the Bible.

How can we possibly be God’s instrument for manifesting truth when a large majority of our members don’t even believe in truth and when nearly half of those who are supposed to be the spiritual leaders in that body don’t believe in truth either?

(Source: from a sermon by Pat Damiani, "The Belt of Truth" 7/28/08, The Belt of Truth by Pat Damiani)

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