6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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Our apartment in Romania was close to the train station. And one of our distant relatives, Emil, who happens to run a small business two hundred miles from us, discovered how convenient is to have a place to stay for free while he was around shopping for his business, in our area. So from time to time, he stopped by our apartment just before the supper time, to stay for the night, because early in the morning, he suppose to catch the train to go back… So he was knocking at the door after a whole day of work and he made himself comfortable, putting off his shoes. O man… what a stinky smelly feet!... It was a nightmare for us: every time when we spotted him trough the door visor, the joy of life disappeared from our family…

You know that God has place our nose about as far away as he could from our feet. When you kneel to wash someone’s feet, did you ever think that your nose is located at the about as close as it can be to someone’s stinky feet. I know that today everybody here are in the cleanest physical shape possible because we took a shower in the morning and we put on clean socks anyway. But not so in the upper room, up there….

Imagine Jesus, the Creator of this Unvers, the King and the Master, washing 24 of those types of feet! Nobody wanted to lower themselves to perform that low-down chore...

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