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Charles Crabtree, former Assistant General Sup. of the Assemblies of God told this story.

I met a distinguished-looking gentleman in his mid-40s, who immediately began to impress upon me how educated he was. After a few minutes of a well-rehearsed oral résumé, I must confess I was impressed. He had several advanced degrees from an outstanding college and a prestigious university.

I mentioned our conversation to the pastor, who informed me that the man was a professional student. "He has never held down a decent job," the pastor said. "His wife works day and night to support the family and pay his school bill. He has never applied his education to benefit his family in any way."

While advanced degrees are laudable and often necessary, they are worthless if there is no application in real life. It would be interesting to ask the man's wife how impressed she is with her husband's education.

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