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On our trip home from Orlando after the conference that I attended, we got to meet a lady who shared one of the most powerful testimonies that I have ever heard. Because that week’s Bible Study was on the subject that I am preaching on today she shared her testimony and I think it fits so well… Let me share it with you.

She and Her Husband tried having a baby for years… They went through all the treatments and all seemed to fail. They had found an adoption agency and was looking into Adoption but could not afford it when all the sudden she became pregnant.

Can you imagine the joy, but something went wrong and she had a miscarriage. She lost the child after all the prayers and efforts her child died in her womb. It was an extremely difficult time for her and her husband but they had a supporting church and they got through it.

Then God opened up her womb and she became pregnant a second time and again she miss carried, but she never gave up hope. And She became pregnant for the third time. The pregnancy was a difficult one but in the end God gave her a beautiful girl.

This girl grew up and got around the wrong crowd. She met a boy that her mom bitterly despised and at age 15 she became pregnant. The first thing the mother did was call Family Planning and schedule an appointment her daughter to have an abortion.

Her daughter was 15 years old… The Father of the Child was a bum and she knew that he would never be around and this mistake would destroy her daughters life… She was scared and didn’t know where to turn… She was even scared that the church would find out and she was the church organist and adult Sunday School teacher. What would the Church think to know that her daughter was pregnant…

What kind of a mother was she that her daughter would end up pregnant at the age of 15… She was desperate and wanted to get rid of the problem so her daughter could get on with her life… and deep down she knew that it was not right… deep down she knew that God doesn’t make mistakes… But she was scared.

Her daughter refused to go and decided to have the baby… Some of the older ladies from church found out and they took the young girl and her mom and loved her and was there for her… The baby was born and we saw the little guy...

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