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Let’s continue now. (Read 28-30) Men, I have a question for you. When you are in pain, do you do something about it? When my back hurts terribly, I sometimes have to stop stacking wood or shoveling snow long enough to bend over and do some stretching and relaxing of tight muscle groups. Then I can continue with my work. In the same way, if our wife is hurting physically, emotionally, or spiritually, we need to notice it, and then stop what we are doing and minister to her at her point of need.

Nancy loves it when I rub her feet after she has worked all day. This is a small thing, but it serves notice that she, and her needs, are priority for me. Beyond that, I tell her every day, how proud I am of her growth in the Lord, and in how she cares for and thinks of the needs of the others around her, at home and at work over at school. I also pray for her often throughout the day as she comes to mind. Any husband who knows the Lord can do the same: driving the truck, on snack break at the factory, or wherever you are.

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