6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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I heard about a young single preacher who took his first part-time church while he was still in seminary. He preached a message one Sunday called, “10 Facts on How to Have the Perfect Marriage and raise Perfect Children.” A few years later he got married. He pulled out the old sermon to preach it again, but decided to re-title it “10 Suggestions on How to have a Good Marriage and raise Healthy Children.”

After his second child was born a few years later, it was time to preach it again. This time he called it, “10 Possibilities for Marriage and Child Rearing.” After his third child, he revised the whole sermon and called it “10 Prayers for Parents.” Several years later, when he and his wife had three teen-agers, he burned the message and wrote a new one that was simply called, “Help me Jesus!”

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