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There’s a fable of a couple living in poor circumstances who were given the opportunity to make four wishes, guaranteed to come true. They could ask for whatever they wanted and they would have them! It seemed too good to be true. They were rather modest at first and asked for some good clothes and when they looked in their wardrobe their wish had been granted. The rail was filled with fine coats, suits and dresses!

This encouraged them to wish for something better than their broken down cottage and when they returned home they found it had turned into a mansion!

This was wonderful so they now asked to be really wealthy and miraculously they had untold riches – jewels, cash in the bank and investments.

They wondered how they could top this and thought, "Well, let’s ask to be like God!" Their wish was granted – but not as they expected! All their possessions disappeared – clothes, mansion and wealth – nothing was left except a cattle trough with some straw in it! They were like Jesus found Himself when He was born in Bethlehem – in a cattle manger!

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