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Monday I went to Redding to do my weekly shopping and to see my daughter, Monica and the grandkids. Monica is a single mom and works so hard at the bank, then has to come home and cook a meal for the kids and then entertain and care for them until bed time. Then she starts all over and does it all again the next day.

So I decided I would have a hot meal ready for her when she got home. I went to the store and bought the fixin’s and made her my special tater tot casserole. After I got it in the oven, I called her and told her I would pick up the kids. When I went into the day care – Breauna sees me first and screams "Papa!" And comes running to me and leaps into my arms. She’s nine and a light little thing. Five year old Nate sees me next and with a look of joy screams "Grandpa!" He comes running and jumps into my other arm. Seven year old Caleb sees me last, and he screams, "Grandpa!" And comes running. He sees Bre in one arm and Nate in the other--and a look...

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