Sermon Illustrations

Dean Niferatos was riding the Number 22 Chicago Transit Authority bus in Chicago. The bus brimmed with dozing office workers, restless punkers, and affluent shoppers. At the Clark and Webster stop, two men and a woman climbed in. The driver, a seasoned veteran, immediately bellowed, “Everybody watch your valuables. There are pickpockets on board.”

Women clutched their purses tightly. Men put their hands on their wallets. All eyes fixed on the trio, who, looking insulted and harassed, didn’t break stride as they promptly exited through the middle doors.

That small story illustrates to us that…

1. It is important to be observant to what is going on around us.

There are dangers lurking.

We are to watch out for those with evil intent.

From Paul Decker’s Sermon "Watch Out!"

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