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I have been fascinated by the testimony and story of Lee Strobel. Lee was a journalist for the Chicago Tribune. By his own testimony he was ruthless. He liked his high end lifestyle of work, travel and partying. By his own admission he was an atheist. He had no time for his family...they just got the leftovers. God began to work in his wife Leslie. Through a series of events and God's leading Leslie gave her heart to Jesus. By Lee's own admission, he was stunned when she told him she had become a Christian.

He thought, "Great, there goes our fun. She will become a sexual prude and it is all downhill from here." He watched her carefully for two years. Then, by his admission, because of her nagging, he started attending church services.

Like many men, he went to church to appease her. Lee says he was aggressively looking for hypocrites in the church. Since he was a journalist, he wanted to disprove Christianity.

All around you, people like Lee are seeking answers. They have their hypocrisy antennas sky high. They wonder is this Christianity real or not? They are looking at your life. What are they seeing?

From Randy Hamel's Sermon "How to Shine as a Christian"

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