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Did you know that one out of five deaths are contributed to tobacco products?

Every 8 seconds someone in the world dies of tobacco.

Cigarette smoke contains 69 chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

1 out of 3 smokers will die from a tobacco related disease.

400,040 smokers die each year from smoking.

70% of smokers want to quit and only 5% succeed each year.

95% of people that want to quit are NOT successful!

In the US alone smoking causes 445 new cases of lung cancer every day!

Tobacco kills more Americans than AIDS, drugs, homicides, fire and accidents combined.

So why is it that only 5% of smokers succeed on quitting when they already know the horrible outcome? Knowing that your hair, your home, your car, your clothes are going to stink. That your hair, your nails and teeth are going to become discolored. Because they are addicted!

80% of parents that are addicted to smoking or drinking will pass those addictions down to their children.

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