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When they were teaching me to march in the Navy, for a while until they learned that I have eye problems (go figure) they made me a line-guide. A line-guide is in the front corner of the ranks and marches straight, so that everyone else can mark their place off him.

The line-guide is meant to fix his eyes on a distant point, in keeping with the commander's destination, and move toward it without swerving. What he must not do is try to gauge his path off another person, because everyone around him is supposed to be gauging off him.

You are line-guides. You are meant to fix your eyes on Jesus, who gave you your faith and who will bring it to perfection in His time and way. If you look to anyone else as your primary destination, you are missing your mark, and you will not go straight. Follow Him, and account for others only in as much as they too are on the same path. If they wander away, you stay with your goal: Jesus.

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