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The angel asked, "You aren’t happy. How can I help you?" The poet replied, "I have everything. But I lack only one thing. Can you give it to me?" To which the angel happily said, "Sure. I can give you anything you desire."

The poet stared right into the angel’s eyes, "I want happiness."

"All right," the angel nodded. And the angel proceed to take away everything the poet possessed. The angel took away the poet’s talent, destroyed his looks, robbed his riches and killed his wife. The angel then left for heaven.

A month later, the angel appeared in front of the poet. The poet was lying on the ground, half-dead, hungry and struggling for survival. The angel then returned him everything he once possessed and left for heaven again.

Two weeks later, the angel paid a visit to the poet. This time, the poet, together with his wife, thanked the angel profusely. He finally found happiness.

What’s the moral of this story? Most of us already have what we need to be happy. If we have it taken away from us, then suddenly we would realize it.

(Steve Shepherd "In This You Greatly Rejoice" 1/19/2009)

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