3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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Kurt Cobain ended his life about 13 years ago (4/1994); filled with bitterness and anger. He was the founder and lead singer of the group "Nirvana." His violent suicide prompted a lot of questions. "Why? He had it all a great career, dedicated fans, plenty of money, a beautiful wife and a 19 month old daughter. So why did he kill himself?"

To many it made no sense. But Kurt Cobain simply lived out his beliefs to their logical conclusion. He believed that there was no God and there was no meaning or purpose to life. He was the center of his own universe. His poetry (music) clearly showed what he believed. Kurt Cobain pioneered grunge rock, which has given us the alternative rock of today.

Cobain was very vocal about his bitterness from being a child of divorce and moved from house to house and eventually without a home. He felt that life was rotten and meaningless and his music often spoke of his anger and disillusionment. One of his songs that he wrote was never released because it was too objectionable. It was called, I Hate Myself, And I Want To Die.

His dips into despair got deeper and deeper. Cobain had no idea he was in the midst of a spiritual battle. He believed the lies of Satan: no meaning-no purpose to life. He had passion but found no fulfillment. He had a void in his heart that nothing he pursued could fill and he believed that nothing could or ever would. He had no purpose, no meaning, so he played it out to its logical conclusion, death.

Cobain needed a friend – a friend that would compassionately point him to hope through a genuine saving faith.

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