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We live in an "I can’t wait" society. We must have instant gratification!

It is no longer good enough to have a phone at home – now need a phone in your pocket!

It is no longer good enough to have dial up internet – now must have High speed DSL send a letter via the post office – now must send it through the e-mail. save and pay cash for his material possessions -- now one must borrow to have today. plant, fertilize and watch your garden grow – now you must use miracle grow. heat the oven and prepare food now must have microwave dinners, soup, etc

Families no longer eat meals members cannot wait for each other.

Contrast our “need for instant gratification” with the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, who took four years 1503–1507 to paint the Mona Lisa, in the 16th century oil painting (30’ x 21 inches). Leonardo Da Vinci demonstrated a unique patience and artistic skill in the Mona Lisa painting. It is the most famous paintings in the world. In 1962 it was assessed for insurance purposes at $100 million. According to the Guinness Book of Records, this makes the Mona Lisa the most valuable painting ever insured. $100 million in 1962 is approximately $670 million in 2006 when adjusted for inflation using the US Consumer Price Index.[4]

Although we live in a microwave society, Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t and God doesn’t. God’s artistic skill and patience incomparably surpasses that of any man. He is creating a Mona Lisa in your life, but it is going to take more than four years. God is in no hurry to conform you into the image of Christ which is of an infinite greater value than $670 million. Therefore, He allows oppression and difficult circumstances in your life to be used for this purpose.

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