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3. Lets remember His sacrifice:

a. The world drew the first blood. They cried “Crucify Him!”, “Crucify Him!”. They craved, desired, and sought to make him bleed. Why, because he healed them? Why, because he gave them hope and a future? Why, because he gave them the words of life and not death? Why, because he delivered them from demons? Why, because he feed them? Why, because he loved them?

Why, because he represented everything they where not- sinless- holy- pure- so they became enraged and they beat him, spit on him, whipped him. The legionnaires whip ripped every time id touched his flesh. The leather straps with lead balls struck with a sting and a tear. The strike and then the blood began to oouze out of the wound and it then started to flow out.

The whip kept coming, “smack, rip, tear” 39 times of the lash with it’s painful blow. His back and side ripped open wider and wider. The blood flowed more and more. It was sprayed on the ground, on the whip, onto the soldier’s clothes and body. It flowed down Jesus’ back, thighs, legs, and feet. They drew first blood and He allowed it to flow – freely He allowed them to beat Him.

He freely let the blood flow down his body and onto the ground. It let His blood flow down the streets and into peoples homes. He let it flow into people’s lives. He let it flow into the streams and the rivers and into the oceans. It flowed in to the regions of hell and set the captives free. It flowed into the hearts of the onlookers and the soldiers. It flowed into the eyes of the blind and they could see.

It flowed from beneath to above right into the throne of Heaven. And when the Lamb appeared before the throne they cried, ‘Behold the Lion of the Tribe of Judah”, “The Lamb of God”, Then they all sang, “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!”

Yes, the blood flowed and Heaven sang and Hell screamed. Yes, His blood flowed for you and me! Yes, His blood flowed from the beating and from the crown of thorns they jammed into His head.

The blood flowed from the crown of thorns. It flowed down his face and cheeks. It flowed down his shoulders and arms. It flowed to the cross beam of the cross as he carried. Each time he fell to the ground there was blood there flowing. It was there for you and me. It flowed to the crowds for the sake of their souls.

The world cried more blood and Jesus let it flow. The spat on him but it still continued to flow. The blood flowed all the way to the cross. So that people would be healed and delivered. So people could be set free. The blood flowed as they drove in the nails.

When they hoisted him up it flowed down the cross and onto the ground of Golgotha. It has never stopped flowing. It still is flowing to peoples hearts and cleansing them, healing them, delivering them, giving them hope and a future, it’s giving light to a dark world, it’s bringing forgiveness, its bringing revival.

The blood of Jesus Christ flows from sea to shining sea, from shore to shore, from the sky to the earth below it flows

It is flowing through Africa, Russia, Middle east, Japan, Europe, the Pacific, to Australia, to South America and North America right here to Amery it flows. It’s final destination is to flow right into you heart.

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