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There was an old man that lived in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. The old man had a big family. One day one of the old man’s grandsons approached him with a problem.

The Grandson said, "Pap, I read the Bible and I don’t understand it, and what I understand I forget as soon as I close the Bible covers. What’s the use of reading the Bible!"

The Grandfather ordered the grandson to get the basket they used to carry the heating coal into the house and run down to the river and bring back a basket of water to the house.

To please his grandfather, the lad grapped the basket, ran to the river and got a basket of water. The lad ran back to the house with the water. By the time the lad reached the house the basket was empty.

The grandfather chided the young boy, "Hurry and go bring me a basket of water. DO IT NOW!"

The lad ran quickly from the river. The basket was full when he left the river, but by the time he arrived at the house the basket of water was dry. After his third trip, the boy told his granddad, "It is no use, I can not retain the water in the basket until I get here. It is useless."

The grandfather looked at the disgusted young boy and said, "So you think it is...

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