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"Rough Seas Call for Distress Preparations" From Fox News, 3/5/09

"Two days before NFL player Marquis Cooper took a doomed fishing trip with three friends in Florida Gulf Coast waters, a friend urged him to buy a life-saving device used to locate boats in distress.

"Cooper hadn’t heard of the gadget, an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB). And he didn’t purchase one before his excursion on Saturday, according to the St. Petersburg Times. Cooper’s friend William Bleakley and fellow NFL player Corey Smith remain lost and presumed dead after their boat flipped over in rough seas Saturday.

"A fourth man with them, Nick Schuyler, survived by clinging to the overturned vessel for 46 hours.

"The Coast Guard never received a distress signal from Cooper’s 21-foot fishing boat."

Strong men, NFL players, yet not strong enough to hold on for life without being able to communicate that they were in trouble and needed help.

Matters not how strong you are in life; if you don’t provide for clear and open communication with others, you will not be prepared for rough seas in life and the distress they bring!

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