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It is time for the NFL draft, and NFL teams are about to spend millions of dollars on unknown commodities called college players. Some of them pan out and many don’t. In order to narrow the risk with so much money at stake, they are now looking at the character of the players. They want some who won’t embarrass the organization or cost them a lot of money because of on or off the field episodes. Like the Bengals who had like nine players arrested one year, or Pacman Jones and his strip club fiascos, or Michal Vick’s dogfighting. To find out the character they want to know if he has been in trouble with the law, or with coaches or fellow players. Does he have a drinking or drug problem, or gambling addiction. They would never say it or even realize it, but they are looking for holy men of God. Where else do you get good character, guys? Holiness is attractive, but they don’t want to hear about God, Jesus or religion. They want good guys, but not God's guys so much.

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