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Robert Moffatt, missionary to savage tribes of South Africa, translated the Bible into the native language of the people and taught the people to read. He watched the remarkable changes which the gospel brought in the lives of these formerly fierce warriors. He saw them show mercy and compassion to enemies and to the weak and helpless.

One day a native with a dog on a leash came running up, "My best hunting dog is ruined, and it’s your fault," the native said.

Moffatt examined him, "I see nothing wrong."

"But I know he is ruined. He ate some pages from the Bible you gave me."

Moffat laughed, "That won’t hurt."

"But it will," argued the native. "I have seen the Bible in the heart of man change him from a fierce warrior to a meek, peaceful neighbor. If it will do that to a man, I know that my dog will never again be fierce enough to be a good hunting dog."

(From a sermon by Scott Chambers, "What Exactly is an Elder?" 1/26/2009)

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