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Doug and Sylvia Whitt were on their honeymoon, and it was late, after the wedding and all this stuff and they went into the room. It was this beautiful room, and it had all the amenities. They realized there was no bed there. They were like "this is kind of strange," but they were really, really just tired. They wanted to go to bed. They were just beat.

So they realized that the couch was a pull-out, so they thought, "Well, I don’t know what the deal is, but let’s go to sleep." So they pulled the couch out, and they slept on one of those hide-a-bed mattresses that you know you can’t really sleep on--certainly not two people. And they had a horrible night.

The next morning he called the manager and he’s like, "What is the deal with this room? I thought I got a nice room. What’s the deal with this room? There’s no bed in here."

The manager said "Sir, did you open the door?" And he went over to the side-door that they thought was one of those connector doors to another room, and he opened it up. Inside of there was the beautiful master bedroom suite with a fruit basket and chocolates waiting for them and a beautiful king-size bed that they could have slept in.

And when I read that story, I thought you know what, that’s exactly where a lot of us are at in our relationships and marriages. Maybe you walked in here today, and you are sleeping on the couch. You are sleeping on the hide-a-bed and things are uncomfortable at home, but you don’t know what else to do about it--you think you’re stuck with it. If you could commit yourself to loving like Jesus, if you could understand how much God loves you, then you could work through that in your marriage and you could get to a better place, where you could see the king-size bed and have THAT kind of relationship.

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