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In the summers, we always played basketball at the YMCA. One game playing Ebenezer BC. 2 minutes left in last quarter. Score tied. They go down make basket. We come back and make basket. They call a timeout with 30 seconds to go. Out of time out EBC runs play and scores. We came down the court and passed to my buddy on wing. He was a great three point shooter. He had already hit three or four shots that day. So when he caught the ball I just knew we had the game won. The clock began to click. 4 seconds he held ball... 3 seconds he hunkered down on the ball... 2 seconds the Crowd screaming—coach is screaming shoot shoot shoot... 1 second by thise time two EBC players are guarding him now. He just holds it. Buzzer sounds. We lose.

Our whole team is disappointed. He runs over to the ref and tries convince ref he got fouled. He had the potential to win the game to do something great, but he did absolutely nothing with what he had.

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