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There those that choose not to live under God’s hand. They don’t trust God lead & Control their lives so they live above His mighty hand. They make all the calls in their life. They are the boss. They know what is best. Some of them may hope that God we bless what they do but they make the decision on their own. It is like God I’m going to do this, please bless it. That is living above Gods hand. There are others that sorta place their lives beside the hand of God. God and them are partners. They work together. They are buddies. They kind of allow God some input on what they need to do but they do not allow God to have total control. That is living beside God’s hand. Peter is telling us, allow God total control. Allow God to make the decisions.

You see there are times in life when human wisdom & knowledge fail. When our life is placed firmly under Gods hand it is not our wisdom that we are totally dependent on.

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