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Discipleship requires maintenance, which you find true in so many areas of life.

Seventeen years ago we bought our present car. At the time I was working with the Rev. John Bomar on the American Family Asso. Committee. He noticed I had a new Volvo. They have a reputation for long life, which is advertised by the Volvo High Mileage Club.

You will find two medallions on our grille – one for the first 100,000 miles and another for the second 100,000 miles.

So I said, "John, that may be the last car I ever buy." He chuckled and replied, "Any one of them could be." You have to give credit to the Baptists for their constant emphasis on evangelism.

Years ago I bought a book from Consumer Reports magazine with the title How to Keep You Car Running Practically Forever. There was hardly anything in there that was not in the owner’s manual. I believe that oil is cheaper than metal, so we have ours changed every 3,300 miles. We are at 232,000 miles and going for a third medallion.

Maintenance is a key element in life. Maintaining your house properly involves having a termite contract, painting, repairing the washer and freezer. Also, replacing the roof, the AC compressor, water heater (not "hot water heater").

Discipleship follows accepting Christ. There is more than a one-time event of being saved, then just coasting until the rapture. Spiritual vigor, as with physical vigor, is the result of adequate proper nourishment, exercise and rest.

Discipleship does not happen accidentally but intentionally.

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