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The following story actually happened to me in 2005 at a state wide meeting. We had a wonderful time of fellowship the first night, a time of worship and a great message. My spirit was soaring until breakfast on the second day. As I came into the hotel dining room several of my fellow pastors were at a table and invited me to join them. I got a plate of food and cup of coffee and had a seat. It was then that the statement that would change my soul from soaring to troubled was made.

Two of the gentlemen at the table were having a heated discussion about scripture when one looked at me and said; "Chuck, you were in the service and seem quite sensible. You understand the concept of 'Subjective truths' in scripture don't you?"

Since I was just starting my first cup of coffee of the day I was a little slow of mind, I took a moment and gulped down half that first cup, then I stated; "Well, I guess if you mean the parables that Jesus told, they could be considered subjective in that we do not know for sure that they are historical or stories Jesus made up to teach a particular point."

The gentleman seemed shocked at my answer and said to me, "Come on, please don't tell me that your one of those people that believe God created this universe and all that is in it in seven literal days; are you?"

I took a bite of food, another swig of coffee and thought about my answer carefully. "No, you're right; I do not believe God created everything in seven days." To which my breakfast companion seemed relieved, but continuing on I said, "It only took six days on the seventh He rested."

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