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Philosophical arguments can be very confusing and also very convincing.


RC Sproul quotes some research that reveals: ‘Over 90% of students entering college in USA are convinced of, and committed to the relativity of truth’ = That there is no objective reality.

What is actually being stated here is:

“Here is an objective truth: ‘There is no objective truth’”

This is tantamount to saying that truth and falsehood are the same thing.

The question has therefore been asked: ‘How ‘true’ can relativism be? Because to say there is no objective reality – no absolute truth defeats the statement itself. Therefore it cannot be true to say there is no absolute truth!! For this is an absolute statement in itself. We must therefore look for truth elsewhere!


And when it comes to the uniqueness and supremacy of Christ, Paul describes their statement them as “hollow and deceptive”. It is at this point that the person who makes the statement becomes the person with controlling authority in our lives.


It is rather like something that happened to me a while ago when someone convinced me that it was not a good idea to make rules for myself. So I stopped making rules for myself and became less disciplined as a result. It was only later that I realized that I had made a rule – a rule not to make rules for myself. Two things happened at the same time:

• I became convinced of the wisdom of a foolish statement

• I allowed my life to be controlled by a new authority – that of the person who had convinced me to live by their rule rather than my own.

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