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One day a good, rich man noticed the miserable conditions in which a certain poor carpenter lived. He decided to help the poor man and commissioned him to build a beautiful house. He told the carpenter, "I want this house to be ideal. Use only the best materials, employ only the best workers, and spare no expense." The rich man informed the carpenter that he was going on a journey, and he hoped the carpenter would complete the house before his return.

Naturally, the carpenter saw this as an opportunity where he could profit as he skimped on materials and hired inferior workers and covered their mistakes with paint. The carpenter wound up making a profit.

Later, the rich man returned from his journey and the carpenter brought him a key to this house that he had been hired to build. The carpenter even claimed that he followed the rich man’s instructions on building materials, quality and the best of workers. The rich man handed him the key back and told him that the house that he had built was for himself and his family.

Source: Donald N. Mosser. Ed. The Abingdon Preaching Annual 2005 Edition. Donald N. Mosser. "Reflections: January." Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2004, pp. 37-38.

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