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When I returned from my trip to Europe, back in 1982, I remember a conversation I had with an high school classmate. He asked me if I heard about Vick, another classmate of ours. Vick was one of my old partying buddies from before I accepted Christ. His parents were good Christian people, but he chose to reject what they believed. After my conversion, there were many times that I tried to witness to him and share my faith with him, but his response was always the same. He would tell me, "Mark, I know that you are right, but I am having too much fun right now, and I can deal with Jesus later."

Well, what this classmate told me about Vick was that he had started running drugs for the mob and had been skimming money from them. They found out and planned to kill him, so he took a gun and took his own life before they could. As I listened to this story all I could remember were those words: "I have more time later."

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