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I think as Christians we’re not always aware of all that God has given to us. I think this is one reason why we struggle with feelings of discontent so much.

We’re like the lady who saved and saved her money for years until she finally had enough to pay for an expensive cruise.

All week, while on the cruise, she would secretly step into her cabin and eat the crackers and snacks she had brought along, thinking that the meals in the boat’s restaurant were priced so high.

On the last night of her cruise she decided to splurge and get dressed in her evening gown and go upstairs and enjoy an expensive dinner.

She ate like a queen that night. At the end of the meal, as the waiter came around to clear the table, she told him, “I’ll have the check now please.”

The waiter looked at her funny and asked, “What do you mean?”

She said, “The check. For my meal. I’m ready to pay it now.”

At that the waiter smiled and said, “Surely you’re joking. Ma’am your meal was included in the price of the package you paid for. Everything was included.”

She sat stunned and embarrassed.

Do you think some Christians are like that woman? Perhaps, not realizing all that they have in Christ?

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