6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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After we came here in US, I discovered that everybody around me were using something named "credit card" to buy things… We said, oh good, let’s go to a bank and asked them for tis wonder card… ziiip and pay for your gas, or for your church suit.

I went with one coworker, I told them that I a newcomer and and I need a credit card… The bank teller smiled and said: "Is not working this way… You have to have money in order to ask for money…" In other words, do something before, in order to expect results. Prime the Pump first!

See, unfortunately a lot of people are standing in front of the stove of live and saying: "Hey stove, give me some heat, and I will put some wood in there!…" This is not the way it works. You got the put something in, before you can get anything out…

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