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Some Really Bad Ways to Have An Ugly Argument

1) I was listening on the radio recently on my way to work, maybe you heard about it. A boy and a girl broke up, and because he kept all her jewelry, she went to his giant fish tank and fried up all his pets.

2) When I was a school teacher years ago, probably 1997, there was a teacher at the school I was at who was being stalked by an ex-girlfriend. One day she would drive by a VCR, then keyhole his car.

3) But here is a kicker (I had to look this topic up on the Internet by the way). A girl was dating this guy when she found out that his second job was a hitman! How do you break up with a hired gunman? Simple, she took him out and eat, grabbed his hand so sweet, and asked how soon they were getting married and can they have kids right away? He was gone.

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