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Miraculous Protection of Matt and Lora Higgens during the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya in 1960 in Answer to Prayer

In 1960, the Mau Mau uprising gripped Kenya. During that time, missionaries Matt and Lora Higgens had to drive through hostile territory on their way to Nairobi, well aware that many had met violent deaths at the hands of Mau Mau terrorists in that area. After dark, about 17 miles from Nairobi, the Land Rover they were driving failed. Matt tried in vain to repair the vehicle.

The couple was forced to lock the doors and pray for safety. They awoke safely, repaired the car, and traveled on to Nairobi.

Some days later, they heard an interesting story from an individual who was in contact with terrorist groups: As Matt and Lori had slept that night; three terrorists had come upon them and intended to kill them. Suddenly, though, the terrorists had seen 16 strongmen surrounding the car, and fled in fear!

Matt and Lora were puzzled about the identity of the 16 men-- until they returned to America several weeks later and heard the thrilling testimony of a friend: “On March 23, God burdened my heart for you. I called the men at our church, and SIXTEEN of us met together for emergency prayer on your behalf!” – Bill Bright, “How You Can Pray With Confidence” (1995 Campus Crusade for Christ), pp. 32-33.

From a sermon by Dean Courtier, Psalm 91 - A conditional promise? 11/17/2009

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