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Examples of Famous People Who Tithed Before They Became Rich

A young man accepted the call to become an African missionary but found on further examination that his wife could not stand the climate of Africa. It made her very sick. He was heartbroken, but he prayerfully returned to his home and determined to make all the money he could to be used in spreading the Kingdom of God all over the world. His father, a dentist, had started to make on the side, an unfermented wine for communion service. The young man took the business over and developed it until it assumed vast proportions-his name was ‘Welch,’ whose family still manufacturers ‘grape juice’ He has given literally hundred of thousands of dollars to the work of missions by way of offerings and has faithfully tithed to the church of Jesus Christ.

3. Starting poor but honoring God. Someone says that tithing is only for the rich. But we have never heard of a rich man or women commencing tithing, but we can name scores who began to tithe when they were poor and then became rich:

Mr. Crowell - founder of Quaker Oats Co.

Mr. Colgate- founder of Colgate Soaps, etc

Mr. Proctor of Ivory soap fame

Mr. Matthias Baldwin of Baldwin Locomotive Industry

R.G. Le Tourneau – founder of a large earth moving business

John D Rockefeller Sr. – multimillionaire

Richard Devos – Founder of Amway

From a sermon by Michael McCartney, Preach This: The difference between tithes and offering? 11/30/2009

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