3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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Abraham Lincoln’s humble beginnings have become part of American lore. But one historian says that the most difficult part of young Abraham’s life came not during his early years in a Kentucky cabin, but after Thomas Lincoln moved the family to Indiana in 1816. The family arrived in Indiana during early winter, needing immediate shelter. Thomas and his son built a three-sided log shelter called a ""half-faced camp,"" the only protection on the fourth side being a fire that burned day and night. The Lincolns began building a log cabin after finishing the shelter, and the family moved in during February, 1817.

Many of the world’s great rulers came from humble beginnings, but none more so than earth’s rightful Ruler, Jesus Christ the Messiah. Actually, Micah’s famous prophecy in verse 2 speaks both of Jesus’ earthly beginnings as the Son of Man and of His eternality as the Son of God.

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