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This summer Susan and I discovered a reality show called CLEAN HOUSE (Style Channel). Have some of you seen it? It's a show where a team of people come in help people with a hopelessly messy house by cleaning it out. The host is a comedian named Niecy Nash. When she first enters the messy house, she'll often say, "Now, show me your mayhem and foolishness!" Then her team goes to work getting rid of the mess and redecorating the home. And the interesting thing is, while they are re-making the home, they get the family out of the way by sending them to a hotel for a nice, relaxing retreat.

That show is a picture of what Jesus does for you and me when he takes up residence in our lives. All of us are full of a bunch of mayhem and foolishness! And there's no way we can clean it up ourselves. But if we can learn to REST in Christ ... then we'll get out of the way and let Jesus do the work. While we REST in Him, Jesus will clear out our mayhem and foolishness.

And when Jesus cleans house, He doesn't just clear out the cobwebs, He has killed the spider!

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