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Though there are no scripture references specifically telling us, please understand that Satan, the arch enemy of the Lord God and of all humanity, must have been screaming in rage over the events transpiring in Bethlehem that night.

Did you know that the first prediction of God sending a Savior was made to Satan (the serpent) in the Garden of Eden? After Adam & Eve’s fall, God promised that a descendant of the woman would crush and permanently defeat the serpent. From that point on, the Bible tells us how Satan tried to thwart those who would serve the living God. A prime example of his tactics is found in the story of Job.

In spite of his relentless attacks on God’s people, only one person could accomplish the task of permanently crushing and defeating Satan. And there He was, out of His heavenly realm, on earth, birthed by Mary, lying in a feed trough. Christ became human in a town that was noisy, overcrowded, and angry. The level of frustration in Bethlehem that night would not even register on the scale of anger and rage in the depths of hell.

Satan is a loud, angry, rebellious liar. We can be saved from his fate by recognizing what this baby in Bethlehem came to do. Let’s counter Satan’s rage by realizing we can escape hell and gladly proclaim God’s promise to us through Christ!

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