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Many people find it much easier to compartmentalize their lives and justify their inconsistencies. Consider this story. A man and his girlfriend went to a fast food restaurant. They bought a bucket of chicken to take on a picnic, but the cashier mistakenly gave them the bucket full of the day’s receipts. When they arrived at the park and opened their bucket, instead of chicken, they found $800. The man immediately drove back to the restaurant to return the bucket of cash. The manager was so relieved when the couple walked in and returned the $800 that he said, “Let me call the newspaper. We want to get your picture in the local paper because you are one of the most honest individuals I have ever met.” The man quickly responded, “Oh, no, no, no.” Then he leaned over and whispered to the manager, “I don’t want our picture in the newspaper because this woman I’m with is married to someone else.”

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