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Illustration: Let’s say you and your spouse are going away for a couple of days and you leave your teenager at home by their self. Now before you go you give instructions that you don’t want any parties, they are not to drive dad’s sports car, and they are not to be out after midnight the nights you are gone. These are the don’ts. Also while you are gone you want tem to clean the garage, mow the grass, and take out the garbage. Upon arriving back home your neighbor tells you how responsible your teenager was while you were away. They never had anyone over, dad’s sports car never left the garage, and they were home every evening by 9:30. Your teenager didn’t do the things you forbid them. But you notice the grass wasn’t mowed, the garage was a mess, and the garbage that was piled up is now starting to smell up the house. So your teenager also didn’t do the things you told them to do. They were wrong, they still didn’t fully obey you so wouldn’t they still be punished?

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