3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

While we were in Jerusalem we visited a Jewish shop “Treasures of the Temple” which was a sort of museum. These Jews are currently recreating all the temple items in preparation of rebuilding the temple to worship in O.T. style. Photos 796-798

We stopped by the Western Wall and there were dozens of Jews praying thinking that because they were in this particular place (the closest place to the “Holy of holies”) -- God would somehow hear and respond to their prays better. We went on inside the continued to walk down into a tunnel where the base of the Western wall was exposed and again we found Jews praying in that place as if it would bring results from God. Photos 430 – 453.

These Jews believe that they can get close to God by worshipping Him in accordance with the O.T. practice of temple worship. What they fail to realize is that their worship falls miserably short of acceptance by God because it totally disregards the ministry of Christ.

How about you? Have you experienced the sense that your sin separates you from fellowship with a holy God? 21st Century Jews have replaced the O.T. animal sacrifices with prayers and good works. What are you relying on to approach God--prayers, good works, obedience to the Law? These will not provide you salvation or access to God. Christ is the Lamb of God which provides atonement (makes wrong—right) for sin and the ability to worship God.

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