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God’s Unexpected Answer to Prayer Protects from Bomb

But God provides in a variety of ways. A Messianic Jewish brother relates:

"I was part of a singing group once that was scheduled to do a series of "peace" concerts in war-torn Northern Ireland. As Jews, we went with the message that Catholics and Protestants should stop fighting and behave...

We were scheduled one afternoon to do a concert outside of Wellworth’s department store in downtown Londonderry. The weather looked menacing, but we knew the Lord wanted us there. We prayed that there would be no rain and expected a miracle. As we arrived at Wellworth’s, the menacing sky menaced no more; it broke out in a thunderous downpour. We felt quite let down by God, to tell you the truth. Hadn’t we prayed in faith? Hadn’t we gone there at the risk of our lives to serve him? At the last moment, our guide found another venue, a store around the corner, where we could set up and sing, even with the pounding rain.

Then, in the middle of our concert, BOOM! A bomb had gone off, right next door to Wellworth’s, the place where we would have been had the Lord "answered" our prayers.

Be encouraged. God always hears your prayers, but sometimes his answer is "No!" You wouldn’t want it any other way." [from the daily e-mail devotional, "The Voice of the Lord"].

From a sermon by Ed Vasicek, The God Who Provides, 1/18/2010

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