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A father shared an experience he and his wife had with their young children. They began as a family to memorize Scripture, one verse a week. They kept the verses on cards in the middle of the table, and discussed their meanings when they recited the. One evening he and his wife heard their 2 young daughters fighting down the hall. "I hate you!" one yelled, and the other responded in kind. Not wishing to jump into the argument, he called out, "Kara?"

She replied, "Yes!"

"What is our verse for this week?" he asked, hoping to quiet the argument by implication.

Quickly the daughter answered in her most pious voice, "Dear friends, since God so loved us as much as that, we surely ought to love each other too." And then she resumed the fight!

So he tried the same tactic with the other daughter, Dana -- with the same results. So he had to go and intervene.

He shared the lesson he learned: "What a beautiful example of how most of us apply Scripture! We memorize it and even repeat it flawlessly, but seldom does it change our lives. And yet Christianity is not so much about knowing facts as about living. We must get the Bible off the shelf and into the self."

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