Sermon Illustrations

Look at the verse-by-verse progression in Psalm 103!

Praise him because:

A. He is a pardoner,verse 3. He forgives all my iniquities

B. He is a physician, verse 3. He heals all my diseases

C. He is a redeemer, verse 4. He redeems my life from destruction

D. He is a benefactor, verse 5. He satisfies my mouth with good

E. He is a judge, verse 6. He executes righteousness for oppressed

F. He is a chastiser, verse 9. He won’t stay angry forever

G. Praise him for blessing of his height, verse 11. "As high as the heaven is above the earth" speaks of his mercy that cannot be comprehended

H. Praise him for blessing of his breadth, verse 12. "As far as the east is from the west" tells us His forgiveness cannot be rescinded.

I. Praise him for his depth, verse 13. As a father he pities those who fear him. His compassion cannot be estimated.

J. Praise him as creator, verse 14. He knows our frame

K. Praise him because he keeps his covenants and promises, verses 17-18. His mercy is from everlasting to everlasting.

L. Praise him because he is our king, verse 19. His kingdom rules over all

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